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2019 Wrap Up

Another rock heavy year included three new locations and a new team member as Malana Giustina joined the team. Besides the normal circuit, the team explored Red River Gorge, Smith Rock Oregon, and the highlight was an alpine climbing trip that included a 15-pitch climb in Chamonix and a 17-pitch climb in the Dolomites. The team looks forward to another busy year in 2020 as they continue to push their limits.

Dr Carr and Team Climb Leavenworth
Dr Carr and Team Climb Leavenworth
Dr Carr and Team Climb Leavenworth

The Monkey Face climb in Smith Rock

Dr Carr and Team Climb Leavenworth

15-pitch climb in Chamonix

Dr Carr and Team Climb Leavenworth

17 pitches and 2,200-foot arete in the Dolomites

2018 Wrap Up

A mix of more state high points and rock climbing, ranging from Mauna Kea to Denali where team member Ken Rowell had a new personal high at the summit of Denali as Dr. Carr enjoyed his second Denali summit twelve years after his first. The rest of the year included the usual circuit of rock climbing meccas: Red Rocks, Squamish, and the Gunks.

Dr Carr and Team Climb Leavenworth

2018 - Vertical wall in Red Rocks

Dr Carr and Team Climb Leavenworth

Finishing 2017 on a glaciated volcano in Ecuador

Dr Carr and Team Climb Leavenworth

Hauling gear up Denali

Dr Carr and Team Climb Leavenworth

View from the summit of Denali

2017 Wrap Up

In March, the team completed 17 state high points in the east. The summer included world class rock climbing in Red Rocks, Squamish - British Colombia, and France. November took us to the volcanoes of Ecuador.

Dr Carr and Team Climb Leavenworth

Rapping off a Red Rocks 1,000 foot climb in 2017

Dr Carr and Team Climb Leavenworth

Steep crack climbing in Squamish

Dr Carr and Team Climb Leavenworth

Steep multipitch climbing in France

Dr Carr and Team Climb Leavenworth

A 400-foot bungee jump for fun

Dr Carr and Team Climb Leavenworth

Alpine ridge climbing Mont Blanc

Dr Carr and Team Climb Leavenworth

Finishing 2017 on a glaciated volcano in Ecuador

2016 Wrap Up

This year saw a completion of the Exum Route of the Grand Teton and a Labor Day weekend high point trip - five northeast high points including the highest in the region, Mount Washington.

Dr Carr and Team Climb Leavenworth

13,000 feet up the Grand Teton

Summer 2016

This climbing season sure has been busy! Dr. Carr and Team have been training diligently to hone their rock climbing skills in two of the best known areas in the country for this - Red Rocks Canyon in Las Vegas and Washington Pass in the Cascade Mountains of Washington state.

Dr Carr and Team Climb Leavenworth

Dr. Carr at Castle Rock, Leavenworth July 2016

Dr Carr and Team Climb Red Rocks

Lara Enders (Who has also rejoined the 7 Summits team!) at Red Rocks Canyon May 2016

The CNYOSM climbing team has also added new members who successfully reached the summit of Mt. Rainier as their initiation to mountaineering in May 2016 - congrats Adam Enders and Ken Rowell!

Dr. Carr climbs Mt. Rainier

Dr. Carr, Lara Enders and new members Adam Enders and Kat Melancon will be finishing off the summer in "grand" style with a trip to the Tetons in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Grand Teton National Park is named for Grand Teton (13,775 ft), the tallest mountain in the Teton Range, which will be one objective for some of the team members. Dr. Carr will be attempting a new route having already climbed the standard: the complete Exum Ridge (rated 5.7). It's one of the "Fifty Classic Climbs of North America", and just the right kind of endeavor to develop the team's alpine rock climbing skills in preparation for Cartsensz Pyramid in the fall!

Dr Carr climbs Grand Teton

March 2016

The Adirondack Mountains is where Dr. Carr discovered his zest for all things climbing, and joining the ADK 46ers, the group of people who reach the summit of all 46 of the peaks with an elevation of 4,000 feet or more, was his first climbing challenge where it all began. Dr. Carr completed his original 46 back in 1999, but in March of this year he added the Winter 46 completion, climbing all 46 peaks during the winter months (December 21 - March 21). this whole new way to tackle the 46 is quite physically demanding requiring a hiker to brave subzero temps and various winter hazards, as well as carry lots of extra gear which makes the tough 46-peak challenge just a little bit tougher! Congrats Dr. Carr!

Dr. Carr Climbs Marshall Summit

Mt. Marshall (4,380ft) was Dr. Carr's final peak, which was also the final peak when he finished in 1999, as was his daughter Lara's final peak when she completed her 46 back in 2011. It's becoming a tradition!

October 2015

As is the case on many mountains, weather and other forces of nature sometimes prevent climbing efforts. Unfortunately, Carstensz was not climbable last year due to forest fires, so Dr. Carr submitted Kosciusko - the highest mountain in the Australian mainland at 2,228 meters (7,310 ft) above sea level, and is considered by many to qualify as one of the Seven Summits. The team will be going back for another try this fall (October 2016)!

Dr. Carr Climbs Mt. Kosciusko

October 2015

Carstensz Pyramid (or Puncak Jaya, 16,024ft) is the fifth of the seven summits on Dr. Carr's peak-bagging list slated for this October. Rock climbing prep has been underway to tackle what is considered the most technical of the Seven (McKinley, Aconcagua, Kilimanjaro, Vinson, Elbrus, Everest, Carstensz Pyramid). Located in Indonesia, it's the highest on the island of New Guinea and the continent of Australia. Few people make the climb due to its remote location and difficulty.


Summer 2015

Dr. Carr has been honing his rock climbing skills this summer in preparation for an expedition to climb Cartstensz Pyramid. Favorable training ground for more technical rock climbing is found on the west coast, namely the Stawamus Chief, often referred to as simply "The Chief". The Chief is a granite dome located adjacent to the town of Squamish, British Columbia. It towers over 700m (2,297ft) above the waters of nearby Howe Sound. It is often cliamed to be the "second largest granite monolith in the world".

Dr. Carr Climbs The Chief
The Chief


The CNY-OSM climbing team reached the summit of Kilimanjaro in tanzania, Africa on January 6th, 2015 (Dr. Carr's birthday). This is the second time Dr. Carr has visited the top of the largest mountain on this continent with an elevation of 19,341 ft. What a great way to start out the year!

Dr. Carr climbs Mount Kilimanjaro
Dr. Carr climnbs Mount Kilimanjaro


Dr. Carr and his Physician's Assistant, Robert Stroman II, reached the summit of Grand Teton, a mountain standing 13,770 feet tall in August of 2014, being a long coveted prize for Dr. Carr. Grand Teton, located in Wyoming, is a technical climb requiring rock climbing gear and skill.

Dr. Carr climbs Mount Teton
Dr. Carr climnbs Mount Teton


This summer was a conglomeration of hiking to tackle various goals for the CNY Climbing Team. Not only did Dr. Carr receive his highpointers award, but he also bagged all 14 of Maine's peaks over 4,000 ft making gains towards completing the Northeast 115.

The Northeast 115 is a list of 4,000-foot (1,219.2m) mountains in the northeastern states in the United States. It includes the sixty-seven 4000 footers of New England (48 in New Hampshire, 14 in Maine and 5 in Vermont), the 46 Adirondack High Peaks, and Slide and Hunter Mountain, both in the Catskills of New York. That leaves only New Hampshire for Dr. Carr!

All this is also in preparation for another trip out west to close out the summer climbing season and conquer Mount Whitney and Half Dome in Yosemite National Park!

July 2013

Dr. Carr attended the 27th Annual Highpointers "Konvention" in July in the Millinocket/Katahdin Region of Maine to accept his award for successfully reaching all 50 U.S. State Highpoints! He was congratulated for being highpointer number 238!
The Highpointers Club boasts more than 3,000 members from around the globe with over 200 50-state completers and over 400 lower-48 state completers. While there, Dr. Carr and crew climbed to the summit of Katahdin (5268ft) the high point of the state of Maine and the centerpiece of Baxter State Park, and many more.

Summit of Katahdin/Baxter Peak

Summit of Katahdin/Baxter Peak

Katahdin's Knife Edge

Katadhin's Knife Edge

Dr. Carr on Katahdin's Knife Edge July 2013

Dr. Carr on Katahdin's Knife Edge July 2013

Summer Recap 2012

Idaho's Borah Peak 12,662 ft

Idaho's Borah Peak 12,662 ft
Dr. Carr's climbing partner Michael Horst

Wyoming's Gannett Peak 13,804 ft

Wyoming's Gannett Peak 13,804 ft

Oregon's Mt. Hood 11,239 ft

Oregon's Mt. Hood 11,239 ft

Dr. Carr spent a good chunk of the summer completing his final U.S. Highpoints, marking his official eligibility to membership of the U.S. Highpointers Club! The months of June and July saw many peaks including Oregon’s notorious Mt. Hood, high peaks in Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, and ending his conquest in Utah on King’s Peak.

U.S. Highpointers are an elite group of climbers that have all set foot on the 50 U.S. State high points. Each member shares the unique experience of exploring our great country from the tropical islands of Hawaii to frigid Alaska. Summit elevations range greatly, from a stroll up Britton Hill (345 ft.) in Florida to Alaska’s majestic Mt. McKinley (20,320 ft), which is a multi-day technical excursion reserved for advanced mountaineers.

August 2012

This year's challenge for the CNY-OSM annual retreat was Maine's Mount Katahdin. The Climbing Team reached the summit of the highest peak in the state of Maine (5,268 ft.) despite the rough terrain and bad weather. Hikers completed a 9-mile loop, and gained 4,000 ft. of elevation. Other retreat activities included moose spotting, lobster feasting, and kicking back on the picturesque South Twin Lake!

June 2012

CNY Orthopedic Sports Medicine, PC is proud to unveil our new location, which we opened for business on June 11th, 2012. Dr. Daniel Carr and his Physician Asst. Robert Stroman are now practicing at 2200 E. Genesee Street, just a short distance from our previous office. We now serve patients from a more convenient, quiet area in Syracuse. The new location boasts free parking, more space, and as always, PROMPT APPOINTMENTS! Please call (315) 422-9233 to speak to Tracy and schedule your visit.

Spring 2012

The Northeast “115” is a collection of mountain peaks, similar to the Adirondack 46 of Upstate NY. The 115 include all those with an elevation of 4,000 ft or higher scattered across the northeastern region of the U.S. (New York, New Hampshire, Vermont and Maine).

Dr. Carr and the Team conquered the Vermont peaks last month, and have plans to tackle the Maine peaks in August, which will be the location for this year’s annual retreat!

Winter 2011

The CNYOSM Climbing Team is always seeking new challenges. Adirondack 46ers will sometimes take it to the next level by attempting to climb all 46 high peaks during the winter months. Winter climbing requires additional knowledge, safety precautions, and teamwork, which is why there are only 576 recorded completions! The team bagged several summits this winter, working toward the goal of being added to that elite group of climbers.

October 2011

The CNYOSM Climbing Family welcomed its 4th member to the Adirondack 46ers club, as Lara Allanson joined Dr. Carr, Mrs. Carr, and Ken Rowell. To be an ADK 46er is to have climbed the 46 highest peaks in the Adirondack Mountains, which are over 4,000 feet. Congratulations Lara!

Mount Marshall on a rainy October 1st

September 2011

Eleven more U.S. High Points were reached this month with a cross-country drive, and the assault culminating on Mount Elbert in Colorado, the 2nd highest point in the contiguous United States. Topping out at 14,440 ft, this peak is an impressive state high point to check off the list!

July 2011

The CNYOSM Climbing Team continued the assault with 3 more high points including the highest point in the Northeastern United States – Mount Washington (6,288 ft.), which is famous for its dangerously erratic weather. A weather observatory on the summit held the record for the highest wind gust directly measured at the Earth's surface, 231 mph.

9 CNYOSM Team members at the annual retreat reached the summit. The summit is also achievable by car, by train, and by foot. We chose foot.

Dr. Carr and climbing partner, Ken Rowell, “Took the Challenge” the following day to complete a 10-peak Presidential Traverse located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, climbing over 9,000 feet and 20+ miles in a single day. Called “the biggest adventure east of the Rockies,” by Backpacker Magazine, this was truly an unforgettable achievement for the Team!

May 2011

The U.S. High Points mission continues. Dr. and Mrs. Carr traveled this spring to the Mid-Atlantic to conquer 6 more state high points in 4 days.

January 2011

The CNYOSM Climbing Team braved arctic conditions in the Adirondack Mountains and climbed Mount Marcy, the highest point in New York State.

2010 Summary

The CNYOSM Climbing Team finished the year with 14 State Highpoint Summits. In the spring, Dr. Carr soloed Mount Whitney, the highest point in the contiguous USA at 14,505 feet. Normally done as a multi-day backpacking trip, Dr. Carr completed it in a single day. Two days later, he topped out on 13,143 foot Boundary Peak in Nevada.

The fall saw the assault continue on the western peaks as Dr. and Mrs Carr stood atop Arizona's 12,633 foot Mount Humphrey and New Mexico's 13,171 foot Wheeler Peak. Scattered throughout the year were ten more modest summits. To add some international flavor, the CNYOSM Team summitted several Peruvian peaks around Machu Picchu and the altitude highpoint of the year was on the 20,945 foot Ausengate, considered one of the nation's holiest mountains.

2010 also marked the success of the CNYOSM Ultra Team by member, Ben Allanson with his completion of his first Syracuse Ultra 70.3! It was a great accomplishment and motiviating to all of the crew.


January 2010

The CNY Climbing Team accomplished 10 State High Points this winter: Connecticut, Massachusetts, Ohio, Indiana, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama and Florida. This expedition was an excellent endurance preparation for the upcoming Spring climbs of Orgeon, California and Nevada. Dr. Carr will seek the heights of Mount Whitney, the highest summit in the contiguous United States, at 14,505 feet.

September 2009

The CNY Climbing Team summits 4 more peaks on their way toward their goal of summitting all the High Points in each state in the US. The accomplishments included Mount MItchell in N.C., the highest point east of the Mississippi, Clingman's Dome in Tennessee, Sassafras Mountain in S.C., and Brasstown Bald in Georgia. The endurance test was to do this all in ONE day!


CNY Retreat

Lake PLacid was the setting for our annual retreat which is designed to build team work and positive attitudes. All participants cheered as they reached the summit of Mountain Colden this year. A few made their way through the anorthosite rocks and boulders around Lake Arnold. A second group set their sites on the Trap Dyke, a large crevice running up the center of the mountain from Avalanche Lake.

The summit accomplishment of 11th highest peak in the Adirondacks brought laughter and comradery - just what the doctor ordered! Hats off to the staff and their perseverence and their ability to enjoy the challenge! Congratulations!


CNY ULtra Team continues its endeavors under leadership of Ben Allanson.

Ben completes his first Ultra in Cazenovia, NY.


CNY Ultra Team participates in the Keys 100 Ultra-Marathon 2009

Keys 100 Ultra-Marathon:

Dr Carr and Ben Allanson endured blistering heat (and lost luggage) as they made their way down the Florida Keys to participate in the Keys 100 Race in May. This was Ben's first road race for the CNY Ultra Team and his first marathon. Pictured here, Dr. Carr and Ben check in at the first check point, 25 miles into the race. The Race raises money for cancer research.

Lara is making changes!

Lara Allanson, our Office Administrator cuts off more than 12 inches of her hair to donate to Locks of Love, an organization that uses the hair to make wigs for children suffering from permanent hair loss. Way to go Lara!


The CNYOSM Ultra Team continues to log on miles in preparation for the Keys 100 Race in May. The crew is working extra hard to support their runners and raise awareness for Cancer Research.


Dr. Carr participates in the H.U.R.T. 100 Trail Endurance Race 2009. An interesting weather pattern brought torrential rains and high winds. The city of Honolulu had a "storm" day (like our snow days). The entire city of Honolulu was closed and the result on the mountain was mud, mud and more mud. Runners and crew members persevered!


Dr. Carr completes the Javalina Jundred in the Arizona desert!

Dr Carr continues to climb and train in preparation for his next endeavor. He also exemplifies the office motto of living life as healthfully as possible. It is never easy to find the time to work-out or to do so joyfully. Thanks Dr Carr for having a positive atittude!


Dr Carr braved the 90 degree desert temperatures in Arizona to complete his first 100K foot race. This was also an excellent crewing experience for the CNYOSM Ultra Team. Great job!


Dr Carr prepares for his two upcoming races: the Javelina Jundred in the desert of Arizona and the Hurt 100 in Hawaii. A two-man crew heads out to Hawaii to study the route and make adjustments to the training schedule. A rigorous hiking expedition is planned to help Dr. Carr acclimate to the altitude and to the heat.


High Peaks training continued through the end of summer in the Adirondack National Park as the climbing team completed over 10,000 feet of climbing over 33 miles in one day. Other training hikes included the Seward Range with very wet and muddy conditions. Hiking not only takes physical stamina, but mental toughness too... very important aspects of training for Extreme Sports.

CNY Orthopedic Sports Medicine gains a new member to its CNY Extreme Team through sponsorship of its own Super Moto Racing Team! This season culminated with several first and second placements and an honorable 4th and 5th in the Big North Eastern Races in New Jersey this September. Great job to racing captain, Benjamin Allanson.


Dr. Carr continued the Annual Retreat with another HIgh Peaks adventure for the staff and their families. The "Take The Challenge" motto is meant to promote team spirit and encourage one to go beyond self-imposed limitations. The group made it to the top and a few hardy hikers continued their weekend with a second "optional" hike of the Dick's Range. Congratulations!


Dr Carr completed his first 50K in the Vermont Ultra Series race, running in 90-95 degree temperatures and significant elevation challenges. This was also the first time the Crew worked an ultramarathon. Great team efforts and focus to make this a successful experience for everyone. Strong work!

Dr Carr continues to train for the upcoming Vermont 100 Endurance Race. This course both climbs and descends 14000 to 15000 feet over dirt or jeep trails in the hot month of July! His support team, "The Cramp Crew" is also working hard to be ready for this big adventure.

June Update!

CNYOSM donates to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. Dr Carr supports these important research endeavors as he would not be here to do the things he does without the chemotherapy treatments that saved his life.


Dr Carr completed his volunteer work at the Running of the Keys Ultramarathon in support of outreach and research programs for cancer.


April 2008

Dr Carr adds a new element to his love of the mountains - he is taking on ultra marathons - foot races that ascend thousands of feet over 100 miles. He and the CNYOSM climbing Team are volunteering at an event in May to qualify for the Run to the Sun, H.U.R.T. Trail Race in 2009.!

March Update!

CNYOSM Climbing Team recognizes the enormous contributions of their support crew: Cathy Caenepeel, Mike Horst and Robert Montague. Many thanks!

March 2008

Our climbing team closed its season with summits reached in the US, France, Russia and Argentina. Our South American expedition to summit Aconcagua at 22,841 feet brought this season's total climbing accomplishments to 71,505 feet.


The adventure continued for the CNYOSM Climbing Team. This summer they headed to Europe and hit the Alps and the Caucasus mountain ranges with summits reached on Mont Blanc at 15,774 feet and Elbrus at 18,510 ft. A great accomplishment for the entire team: Dr. Dan Carr, Cindy Carr, Lara Allanson, Mike Walter, Cathy Caenepeel, and Michael Horst. Thanks to all involved for your brawn, your brains and the borscht!


The CNYOSM Climbing Team celebrated success on the summit of Mount Rainier at 6:20am, July 4. This impressive mountain with its significant landscape of crevasses and snow bridges is sometimes called North America's Everest. This was our training ground for our upcoming expedition to Switzerland and Russia to climb Mont Blanc and Mount Elbrus respectively.


The CNYOSM Climbing Team begins intensive training for their next expedition to Mount Rainier and Mount Hood in Washington. The weather conditions on the summit of Mount Rainier can be predicted by the formation of these massive lenticular clouds. This picture was taken by the team last year as they reached base camp. They made it off the mountain just before the storm hit the summit.


Dr. Carr learns about the endangered rhino while visiting the Field Exhibit at the San Diego Wild Animal Park. This is ‘home’ to the world’s most successful rhino breeding program with over 50 babies! Dr. Carr supports the Department of Conservation and Research for Endangered Species (CRES).


Dr. Carr photographs the trail view of Camelback Mountain in Arizona. Ten years ago, this was the mountain that captured Dr. Carr’s interest for hiking and climbing. It was the first mountain outside of NY State that Dr. Carr climbed after chemotherapy treatments. Back then it took over three hours to climb. During his last visit there, Dr. Carr climbed Camelback in 37 minutes!

February: The Majestic Red Rock of Arizona

There was nothing like winter climbing in Boynton Canyon! The Secret Mountain Wilderness pictured here, was the setting for impressive nature hikes among the cliffs and canyons.


CNYOSM Climbing Team Conquers Cascade despite 50 mile/hour winds! Visiting novice climbers (center) join Mrs. Carr (far left) and Lara Allanson (far right) for some Adirondack winter climbing. Although the views were limited by fog and snow, the team added a second hike to summit Phelps Mountain the next day. Three cheers for Tim Carr and Dina Proffer for “Taking the Challenge”!


Dr Carr and his climbing team will spend several days this December on the winter trails in the Adirondack Mountains. Their training continues year round in preparation for several high peak attempts in 2007. These include another trip to Mount Rainier for Crevace Rescue practice, acclimatization expeditions to France and a summit bid for Elbrus in Russia.


Dr Carr's "Take the Challenge" theme continues with a strong endeavor for healthy living. Through example and support, the staff at CNYOSM tackled a work-out program and lost a total of 109 pounds in three months. They also dropped their cholesterol by 80 points! They entered a national fitness program and will continue through the new year.


A record was set at our annual retreat this year - we had the largest group to attempt and summit our mountain hike! We formed three groups to bring twenty-one people to the summits. Congratulations to all employees and family members for the success on Giant and Rocky Mountains!


Dr Carr summits Denali on June 26th, 2006 with climbing team CNYOSM.
The group flew onto the Kahiltna Glacier and took the West Buttress route. The final traverse was the summit ridge, with mile long drops on either side. Dr. Carr holds the company sign with head guide, Mike Horst at the highest point in North America (20,320 feet)! Congratulations and gratitude go to all of the team members: Cathy Caenepeel, Mike Walter and Mike Horst.

March: Dr. Carr continues rigorous training through the month of March to prepare for the upcoming Denali expedition. This mountain range requires double carries throughout the high camps for proper acclimatization and load reduction. Denali is a mountain of extreme conditions with 100-mph winds and -40 F temperatures.

Lara Allanson prepares boxes of crayons for donation to local schools.
They were delivered to the kindergarten classes at Split Rock Elementary School, Onondaga Road Elementary School and Holy Family School on March 17th.

February: Dr Carr displays our logo sign at High Base Camp. Pictured here, Dr. and Mrs. Carr begin their descent from Aconcagua Mountain in Argentina.

December: Dr. Carr continues the "Take the Challenge" theme with preparations to summit Aconcagua, a 22,841 foot mountain in South America. His six man crew will take up to three weeks early next year to climb Aconcagua, the highest peak in the Western Hemisphere.

Mount Rainier Summit: The summit at 14,410 feet - 35 square miles of snow and ice!

"Take the Challenge" motto was exemplified in the recent summit expedition of Mount Rainier. Rainier is the largest mountain in the Cascade range and required excellent physical conditioning and continuous team work to successfully reach the ice capped summit. Congratulations to Dr. Carr, Robert Stroman and Lara Allanson for their successful summit climb!

Dr. Carr making his way out of a "bottomless" crevice. Technical
climbing skills come in handy!

A storm is brewing: Sometimes timing is everything - a storm brews
over Rainier as the team makes their descent from the mountain.

August: Dr Carr, Robert Stroman and Lara Allanson get ready to head West!

The summit attempts of Mount Hood and Mount Rainier begin on August 19.
Dr Carr, Robert and Lara made their last training hike recently - a one day, 21 mile loop in Lake Placid. Ken Rowell also participated in the training hikes and is pursuing his 46 hike peaks! Best wishes for a safe expedition!

Retreat 2005 - The annual event!

The new White Face Lodge in Lake Placid was the setting for this year's five day company retreat. The event including white water rafting along the Hudson River and various hiking endeavors in the Adirondack Mountains. Twenty-one staff and family members participated in the team-spirit building and physical challenge retreat!


Mrs Carr recently returned from South America where she distributed crayons and school supplies to a remote village at the foot of the Andes Mountains.

Peru and Mount Ausangate (20,905 feet) were the setting for June and July hiking. Mrs Carr takes in the views at the 14,500 foot base camp, making friends with two young girls who live in the same way as their Incan ancestors.


Dr Carr recently returned from a week long Orthopedic Conference in Colorado. This was his first visit to Colorado where he took advantage of the good weather to summit Pike's Peak. This challenging ascent, over 7,000 feet in a single day, was a testament to altitude work.

Books for Kids in the Philippines Dr. and Mrs. Daniel Carr are providing financial support to send 1,000 books to the children of the Philippines. Their nephew Jarod Maggio and his wife, Mariah are Peace Corps Volunteers since 2006. Please join us in rebuilding the country’s libraries for children who have lost so much in a season of record setting typhoons and volcanic eruptions. You may visit for more information about this mission.


Dr. Carr, Robert Stroman and Lara Allanson continue training for their next summit expeditions. They will travel to Oregon to summit Mount Hood, an 11,237 feet stratovolcano made of lava flows, domes and volcaniclastic deposits. Mount Hood is the highest peak in Oregon. The expedition then continues to Washington where they will make a summit attempt of Mount Rainier. This mountain is 14,410 feet above sea level and is the northern volcano of the Cascade Range.


Dr. Carr was pleased to present his Arthritis Lecture to a full house at Crouse Hospital's Marley Education Center. Audience participation was excellent. Please watch for listings of upcoming lectures.

February- March: Dr. Carr plans a free lecture to the community

Dr. Carr joins the "Crouse in the Community" Educational Program as a guest lecturer on March 3. He will discuss Surgical Treatments of Arthritis and offer an update on Minimally Invasive Joint Replacement Techniques. View the complete bulletin on our Forms page or call 470-7701 to register by March 1. (registration is required and space is limited.)

December: Happy Holidays!

The staff of CNY Orthopedic Sports Medicine, PC wishes you a happy and healthy holiday season.

December: This winter Dr. Carr will return to the Adirondacks for an advanced ice wall climbing course to prepare for his future summit attempt of Mount Rainier.

November: Ascent of Mauna Loa

Dr. Carr ascends Mauna Loa to the Summit Caldera called Moku' aweoweo. This enormous volcano covers half the island of Hawaii and rises 13,680 feet above sea level. Seen in the background is Mauna Kea which Dr. Carr summited last year.

October: Oct 10 - 14

Dr. Carr leaves for the Big Island of Hawaii as a medical volunteer for the Hawaii Ironman Triathlon. He will also attend the 16th Annual Ironman Sports Medicine Conference 2004 - a conference geared toward the specific treatment and care of endurance athletes.

September: CNY Orthopedic Sports Medicine at the New York State Fair

Dr. Carr and colleagues volunteer to share exciting orthopedic news at the Onondaga Medical Society Booth in the Hall of Health. Many thanks to the Medical Society staff for their assistance during our sessions at the fair!

August: 4th Annual Company Retreat:

Lake Placid was again the destination for our annual company retreat. A record 27 members of our CNYOSM family hit the "high peaks" hiking over 30 miles during the 3 day event.

Rest stop along the way to Marcy Dam

Marcy Dam group photo

Closing Ceremony for Retreat 2004

Dr. Carr and his expedition team return from Mount Kilimanjaro...

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