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Body Zone: Hip: How Badly Are You Hurt?

Hip pointer injuries are common in football. What are they?
The term hip pointer is a colloquial term for an inflammation of the tissues around or connecting the bony prominence on each side of the front of the hip. The condition can be very painful and is usually the result of a fall or direct blow to the area.

Why are there different types of hip replacements? Aren't they all the same basic procedure of replacing the old joint with an artificial hip? The procedure of a hip replacement or giving the patient an "artificial hip" is basically the same in that the damaged portion of the hip joint is replaced with a metal substitute. Depending on the underlying condition requiring this type of treatment, the entire ball and socket hip joint may be replaced, or just the femoral (ball) may be replaced. The replacement parts may or may not be cemented in place, may contain a plastic socket or may be of a one-piece ball and socket design. Age, activity level, underlying conditions and trauma are factors in deciding what type of hip replacement is best suited for a particular patient.

Why did a healthy professional athlete like Bo Jackson need a hip replacement?
Although young and healthy, an injury to Bo Jackson's hip resulted in a decrease in the amount of blood supplying the ball or femoral head. This decrease in circulation leads to the weakening and collapse of the femoral head, and required replacement to effectively treat the problem. The condition is known as avascular necrosis of the hip.

Why does the outside of my hip become so painful without any obvious injury? Is there a name for this condition?
The most likely cause of the symptomos of pain over the bony portion of the side of the hip is a condition called trochanteric bursitis. This is an inflammation of the tissues around this portion of the hip. Pressure to this area, which can occur while sleeping on your side, can result in significant discomfort. The treatment is usually anti-inflammatory medications and activity modification, but you should consult your doctor before you initiate any treatment.

How can I tell if I am developing arthritis in my hips?
The most common telltale symptoms of the development of osteoarthritis of the hip include pain and stiffness with activity. The symptoms are commonly more pronounced in the morning and somewhat resolve with activity during the day. The pain of hip arthritis is felt in the front of the pelvis and groin, rather than in the buttock region.

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