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Arthritis Care

Surgical and Non-Surgical Arthritis Care

Upper extremity arthritic care including:
  • Impingement syndrome and shoulder arthritis
  • Ulnohumeral arthroplasty
  • Small joint arthritis
CNY Orthopedic Sports Medicine, PC is dedicated to providing the best treatment options to the millions of people suffering from arthritis and osteoarthritis. The scope of the services establishes the benchmark for orthopedic care, bringing new techniques to the operating room and the exam room. Our unique level of care includes:
  • Treatment options for pain and return to normal activity levels
  • New technology helping the younger patient
  • Care provided by a team of highly skilled professionals with arthritis treatment experience

Technological advances in tandem with truly personable care-givers ensures you will receive the most effective care possible. We are dedicated to improving the quality of life for people suffering from arthritis.

Expert care focused on you


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